Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today's Lineup

First off, congrats to Cliff Lee for another great outing.  3 shutouts in a row is pretty insane.  I would like to stick to all the people in May who were saying we overpaid for the guy.  It seems pretty short sighted to judge a guy based on 2 months of pitching when you have him signed for like 5 years.  just stupid!

The M's lineup tonight is interesting and it is performing.  I'm not sure I like the order of it, but it is getting closer to what it should be.  Here is what it is and then below that is what it should be.
1. Ichiro - RF
2. Ryan - SS
3. Kennedy - 3B
4. Smoak - 1B
5. Ackley - 2B
6. Giminez - C
7. Carp - LF
8. Cust - DH
9. Halman - CF

1. Ichiro - RF
2. Ackley - 2B
3. Smoak - 1B
4. Cust - DH
5. Gutierrez - CF
6. Olivo - C
7. Carp - LF
8. Ryan - SS
9. Figgins/Kennedy - 3B

My other "minor" concern is what happened to Nick Franklin.  I still haven't seen any word on exactly what happened and where the bat hit him.  Hopefully he is ok and it didn't hit him in the head.  I would hate to see a Brian Roberts scenario.

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