Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peguero Down, Carp Up

That just happened!!
Finally.  I think the quotes by Wedge are spot on.  They did have a good sample size and they did see some good things and some bad parts of Peguero's game. 
At least the M's are making another move to try to improve the offense. 
They have really sucked!


Where is Nick Franklin?  Is this another time where the team lies about how bad a concussion is/was?

and why can't the M's score 1 stinkin' run?  It is really pathetic and I'm actually getting annoyed with Wedge's in ability to send out a consistent lineup.  Just put Cust in the lineup, at least it will give us someone who is onbase.  The Kennedy project was fun, but he is not meant to be playing this much!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seager Called Up

I think this is pretty exciting news.  I feel bad for Chone.  This might be because I don't get to see every game and every at bat to judge him and get upset.  I'm sure I would feel different if that was the case.  But he does seem like a good guy who is trying hard, but at this level you have to perform.  I guess in the end it was a really bad signing.  We created a situation where we had two leadoff hitters and maybe if I do a little research to see how well this has worked for teams in the past.  The first team I thought of was the current Phillies with Rollins and Victorino, but both of them offer totally different things that Ichiro or Figgins.  I guess our hope is to find someone that will pick up even a part of his salary.  I'm not sure what team that is. 

But on to Seager.  This move shows that the GM really does care about the offense and is interested in being competitive this year and he is not going to let how much we are paying someone be an influence on their playing time.  He is also willing to take risks (calling up a guy with 15 games played in AAA).  I think this is aggressive and what do you really have to lose.  Seager couldn't hit worse than Figgins, could he?

Maybe we should call up Franklin!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh NO!!

Ackley is hurt!  The game is not even interesting tonight.