Friday, April 27, 2012

Lineup for 4/27

1. Ackley - 2B
2. Ryan - SS
3. Ichiro - RF
4. Smoak - 1B
5. Montero - DH
6. Liddi - 3B
7. Saunders - CF
8. Olivo - C
9. Wells - LF

Pitching Matchup
Blake Beaven - RHP vs Ricky Romero - LHP

I guess I'm not surprised to see Liddi and Wells in the lineup because of the LH on the mound.  It's nice to see Saunders still in the lineup.  It is well deserved, he has been having some decent ABs against left handers.  Tough break for Figgins who is coming off of a nice game.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tigers Swept Under the Rug

Great to see the offense start to come alive, specifically Mr. Smoak.  He needs to start drawing more walks and hitting the ball farther.  I was interested in the post on USS Mariner the other day which talked about players who have low contact numbers like Smoak usually don't hit for high averages unless they hitting the ball a long ways.  So Justin responded with a home run.  Keep it up.  It's also interesting to look at this April vs last April for Smoak and where he is hitting the ball.  Obviously, he came out swinging last year and that was the guy we hoped we had traded for.  He was drawing walks (14) and hitting the ball hard (6 2Bs, 4 HRs).  But look at the difference in his hit chart.  This year he is hitting the ball to right field whereas last year he was driving the ball to right field. 

Figgins got the message from Wedge for at least for one day.  All I ask is that he continues to do this and raises his trade value.  I'm more excited by the prospect of Liddi or Seager at 3B and Saunders in LF (when Guti gets back) then seeing Figgins out there.

Let's keep hitting!