Friday, May 13, 2011

Who can close?

That is four straight horrible outings for League.  Should Wedge just keeping running him out there and just wait for him to figure it out?  It is not like he has lost his stuff, so what is the difference?  All I know is that if we have a decent closer, we win 3 of those 4 games and we are still talking about how the M's are on a roll.

What is even worse is that we hit two home runs in this game and they were wasted!

So who can pick up the slack, if Wedge demotes League from the closer role?
Cortes, Lueke, Wright, Laffey, Pauley?
There really isn't a good answer.  No one has the ability to miss bats and come up with groundballs the way that League can, so what to do we do.

I think it has to be a pitcher that can miss bats, so that removes Wright, Laffey and Pauley.  This leaves two rookies.  That is just insane.  But why not give it a shot for the next week.  I would say give it to Lueke over Cortes and let League get his stuff back.  Unless Lueke just dominates, then I'm find putting League back in there.  But lets get back on a roll first.