Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Current Lineup

1. Ichiro - RF
2. Seager - 3B
3. Ackley - 2B
4. Carp - DH
5. Smoak - 1B
6. Saunders - CF
7. Olivo - C
8. Robinson/Wells - LF
9. Ryan - SS


Monday, September 5, 2011


It has a been a long time since I've posted anything.  I went through a big move and a new job, so my focus has been a little off.  I do have a thousand topics I want to touch on.

Recent topics.
1. Mariner call ups.  It is nice they waited until after the Rainer's game ended.  The M's have called up Liddi, Saunders and Delebar.  Obviously the Saunders call up is to help with the loss of Gutirrez.  I feel bad for Gutirrez, he has been through quite a bit this year.  He has been playing fairly well of late, but just not much power.  Saunders has had a really rough year.  He lost his mother to cancer, which I'm sure has weighed on him all year long.  It might even explain the start of the season for him.  I would like to see him get the majority of playing time in CF for the rest of the year.  I think Trayvon and Casper can split the time in LF.  It is very important for the M's to see what Saunders have if we are going to be looking ahead to next year. 
The Liddi call up is nice kudos for a really nice season at Tacoma.  I don' think he should see time at 3B over Seager and they still have the problem with how they play Figgins.  Maybe Liddi will get a couple starts at DH and a couple at 3B. 
Delebar is a guy I don't know very well.  It looks like he was a starter early in his career and then moved to the bullpen.  He has pitched well at Tacoma and he strikes out a ton of guys, but he has a big problem with walks.  It will be interesting to see how he handles his 1st major league experience. 

2. Domonic Brown - Where has this guy been lately?

3. Is it possible for Ichiro to get to 200 hits. With 23 games left, he needs 40 hits.  That is a little under 2 hits a game (1.739 to be exact).  We need to see some serious 3 hit games out of Ichiro. 

4. Carp and Smoak - I'm very excited to see how two play over the next month.  Carp has had a great 2nd half, but he needs to cut down the strikeouts.  Is he really the answer at DH?  I'm not against it, but he better be able to hit.  We really need to see if Smoak is what we thought he would be.  And is his defense at 1B what people thought it would be a couple years ago or is it what we have seen over the last year (average).

5. Phillies - Keep on rolling.  I can't wait for the playoff.  We just need Oswalt to his MPH up a little bit.  I like what we are seeing from Mayberry.  Does this lead us to question a Brown/Mayberry competition for LF next year?