Sunday, October 16, 2011

What now?

So what do we do now?  The Phillies showed no spark in the playoffs and have a group of guys headed into surgery.  Not only that we may be missing Howard for part of 2012 and the Phillies are an aging group.  Even Manuel hinted at needing an update at 3B.  It was also upsetting to see Lee and Oswalt's pitching performances.  I don't expect CG/SHO, but these two are supposed to be aces.  If you have a 4-0 lead, you need to hold that and win that game.  So what do the Phillies do now?

1. Exercise option on Oswalt?
2. Sign Madson?
3. Can Brown handle LF?
4. Who fills in at 1B?
5. Are you able to trade Blanton?
6. Will Worley struggle in his 2nd year?
7. Do we upgrade at 3B?  What do you do with Polanco?
8. oh yeah, do we resign or can we resign Rollins?  5 years, really?
9. Can Utley come into next season healthy and with more leg strength?
10. Achilles injury.  When will Howard actually be healthy with power?

I did have one other comment about the NLDS.  I was not happy with the fielding performance of Mr. Victorino.  So that begs the question, should we trade Victorino???