Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movin' on up!!!

Seager gets the call up to Tacoma
Franklin gets the call up to Jackson

The Seager move is well deserved.  He has been very consistent the last two years and with the opening left by Ackley, it makes sense.  The only question is whether 2B is where Seager will stick in Tacoma.  I think the general consensus is that his potential in the majors is probably limited to a utility guy.  So I would assume we would see him play a little 2B and a little 3B.  If Seager is sticking at 2B for the whole next month, then I will assume they are using him as a trading chip.

The Franklin move is exciting but is a little unexpected.  Franklin had a nice April, but overall wasn't showing the same power he did last year.  We need to keep reminding ourselves that he is only 20.  But I do like the move and at the beginning of the year I almost expected him to start AA, if it wasn't for being so young.  This now raises the question as to what is happening with Triunfel.  Tonight he is playing 2nd, but is that the long term plan for him?  Have the scouts been noticing enough about him to not consider him a SS going forward?  And if they decide to play him at 2nd, isn't he blocked by both Seager and Ackley.  I guess we would have to consider him another possible trade chip. 

On the Phillies end -
It is exciting to see Singleton's bat start to warm up.  His avg is up to .270 and he hit 2 HRs tonight.  My hope is that now that is bat is coming back to life that they move him back to LF.  He is a guy we want around for awhile and I don't want to see him traded away or get stuck behind Howard. 

I think this is where some things get interesting.  The Phils just promoted Overbeck to LHV, but is he up there to play 1B or 3B?  I hope 3B.  Does this mean there is an open spot for Rizzotti to be called up to LHV?  Between 2010 and 2011, Rizzotti has put up good numbers over more than 500 at bats.  I think that is usually the measuring tape, a full year's worth of at bats at a certain level.  With all that being said, I would love to see Singleton challenged at AA, but I don't want it to be as a 1B. 

Hopefully we see some more minor league moves over the next couple of weeks.

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