Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After winning a great series against the Phillies, the Mariners come out swinging against the Nats.  And by swinging, I mean clumping together a couple singles with a few FCs to score 5 runs.  Regardless, they scored 5 runs, which is a lot by Seattle standards.  Fister goes 8 and was destined to get his first win since May and everyone was happy.  Until.... the 9th.  League started to have one of those innings and then I haven't seen the replay, but it sounds like he was hurt on a come backer.  So then Pauley comes in.  The man with the great ERA, but no one really knows how he is doing it.  The result.  5 runs scored in the bottom of the ninth, with the last 3 coming on a 3 run shot by Ramos, to end the game. 

I mean it is tough to go back, but why couldn't Fister come back out to try to finish the game.  I think he was only at about 100 pitches.  If he gets in any trouble you have League ready. 

It is just depressing, a waste of a great outing by Fister and a nice output by the offense. 

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