Friday, June 10, 2011

Potential Lineup vs the Phillies Next Week

If it isn't obvious, I'm excited about next week's series with the M's playing the Phils in Seattle.  Obviously, the name of this blog gives it away.  I was born and raised in Seattle and then moved to Philadelphia.  I have my west coast team and I have my east coast team.  I have my AL team and my NL team.  In the end, who do I cheer for?  In next week's series, who will I cheer for?  I hope this answer is obvious.  The Mariners are my team and it doesn't matter where I move to.

Next weeks series.  I'm a little disappointed because I thought the Saturday matchup was going to be Felix versus either Hamels or Oswalt.  It turns out it my be Worley or Kendrick.  What a let down!!

Here is hoping for this lineup next weekend
1. Ichiro - RF
2. Ackley - 2B
3. Smoak - 1B
4. Cust - DH
5. Olivo - C
6. Gutierrez - CF
7. Carp - LF
8. Ryan - SS
9. Figgins - 3B

Hopefully, I will more to say about this as the week goes along.

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