Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Over the last year I've been caring much more about the minor league teams for both the M's and Phils.  I don't know if it is just because it allows me to pay attention to more games and look at more stats, or if I'm trying to have a better understanding of the big picture.  Either way, this interest in the minors makes the draft so much more exciting.  The problem is that I haven't extended my level to caring to college or high school, so unless the people drafted are already highly talked about, I don't really know anything about them. 

M's 1st Pick - Danny Hultzen - Virginia
This pick surprised almost everyone.  I was thinking like most people about Rendon, but that is not to say I'm disappointed with this pick (mostly due to my aforementioned lack of knowledge).  I like what Jack and Tom have done so far, so I will trust them.  He's a lefty which is exciting and I guess draws some comps to Cliff Lee (we will see).  The next lefty taken was at #15, so that show how much better a lefty Hultzen was compared to the next one. 

M's 2nd Pick - Bradley Miller - Clemson
This is an interesting pick.  Obviously it is someone who is closer to the majors, but doesn't really have a high ceiling from what I can tell.  TRUST IN JACK!

Phils 1st Pick - Larry Greene - Berrien County HS
So a big thumping OF.  I guess the Phils are a little concerned about their offense 5 years down the road.  Hopefully this guys doesn't decide to go off to college, because it sounds like he has a great approach.

Phils 2nd Pick - Roman Quinn
Looks like the Phils are trying to draft their next Jimmy.  A slick fielding, quick SS.  I'm excited to watch this guy come up through the ranks.  Guys with real speed are fun to watch because they can do so much to change a game. 

Day 2 is now over.
I guess I look forward to when I can start seeing these guys play in the minors.

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