Sunday, March 4, 2012

Game Winning Double by Chavez!!

After Grube blows it in the top of the 9th, Chavez comes through with a double in the bottom of the 9th to score Mike Wilson.  Nice to watch some replacements come through in the 9th off of a decent minor league pitcher in Brad Brach.  Basically a fastball/slide pitcher with nice K numbers and low BB numbers.

For the rest of the game
Vargas had another nice outing, which is encouraging for the guy that will be manning our #2 spot.  The pitchers after him outside of Grube all put of 0's.  It will more interesting after looking at the Pitch FX data.
Figgins adds another walk but no more hits.  Kawasaki goes 1-2 and gets a walk.  Franklin replaced Kawasaki and goes 1-1, but also commits 2 errors.  This continues to be something that is concerning about Franklin.  He's still young, but it would be ideal if he could stick at SS.  If he can't figure out the defense and then he ends up moving to 2B and loses his value to the M's if Ackley is still there.  It's a little early to be concerned here, but I would just feel so much better if he can tighten the defense up.
Montero gets a double and hasn't given me a reason to think twice about the trade.
The big bat story outside of the winning double is the play of Kyle Seager (the other guy who if he can't stick at 3B, then 2B is his natural position).  Seager goes 3-3 and hits a homer in the 1st.  If he keeps playing well we may never see Carlos Guillen back in a Mariner uniform.

As for the Phillies
Halladay gives up the 1st inning homer, but other than that, he does what Halladay does.  Aumunt struggled a little bit, which is too bad since there has been a lot of hype about him lately.  Hopefully it is just first outing jitters and pressure to perform.  Looking forward to his next outing.  Savery was a little wild with the 2 walks but also had 2 K's.  If Willis can't be productive, the Savery is where they will look first.
Hunter Pence hits his 2nd homer in two days.  I can't wait for a full season out of him.  Very exciting player to watch.  D. Brown goes 2-4 with a 3B, but also gets caught stealing and an error.  There have been a lot of concerns around his defense, so it would be nice to have him tighten it up there.  On the other side, we have really just been waiting for his bat to come around, so that is nice to see.
Galvis goes 2-3 with a double, so that is nice to see.  The consensus is that his glove his great, but we need to see the bat catch up.  He is obviously destined for the minors, but it would be nice to see him build some confidence in that bat and be ready to back up Jimmy next year.

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