Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Answer the Phone?

After three doubles today, I don't know how Seager doesn't make the opening day roster and how he doesn't take a majority of the playing time at 3B.  But with the news of Utley not going to be ready for opening day and Polanco's continued minor injury issues, should the Mariners answer the phone if the Phillies call?

The Mariners obviously have Ackley at the 2B spot, so there is no room for Seager there.  Then there are the number of 3B prospects the M's currently have, which include F. Martinez, Liddi, and Catricala.  I really like Seager and I would prefer to keep him, but unless the M's plan on moving Ackley to LF, then I think you have to start listening. 

With regards to the Phillies, you just don't know what is going to happen with Utley.  Polanco is done with the Phils after this year.  The Phils have Galvis working out at 2B, but his real position is SS.  He should be ready once Rollins contract is up to fill right in there, but he needs to get at bats in the mean time.  This probably means he plays at 2B for the next couple of years, so who will fill in at 3B.  The Phils don't have anyone coming up to play 3B, so it really makes sense for them to make a trade for a guy or go after a free agent this offseason. 

Who do the Phils have to offer that other teams would be interested in?  They have the young aces, but I'm not sure that is what would be offered in return for a player like Seager and I'm don't think with their own set of aces coming up if that is what they will be looking for. 

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