Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guti Injured

The word is torn pectoral.  What an odd injury!  It's not like Guti never throws the ball.  Was he not throwing at all in the offseason?  Did they rush them in throwing drills?  Just weird.

But where do we go from here?  If he is going to be out of commission for 4 weeks, then he is back (hopefully) by the end of April. 
The options
1. Casper Wells - we got a glimpse of a nice player who has power that would be nice to have.  I wouldn't think anything would linger from his injury last summer. 
2. Michael Saunders - Here is my pick.  He has been highly rated prospect for the last couple of years and is known as a good defender and has a good overall game.  He just needs to show he can handle major league pitching.  Hopefully the work he did with Josh Bard's brother over the offseason will pay off. 
3. Trayvon Robinson - Not really an option at this time.  I don't really see him in CF and he has a big strikeout problem right now.  I think he needs to go back to AAA and prove he can repeat what he was doing in the Dodger system.
4. Trade for someone.  I know over at USSMariner, Dave is still plugging trying to get Wil Venable.  I'm not against it, but what are we giving up to get him. 

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