Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lineup Shift

By now, everyone has heard about Ichiro batting 3rd and Figgins getting the chance to lead off.  I'm not against this.  I do like Kyle Seager, but that is not to say that he couldn't use a little more time in AAA.  But Seager in AAA has a whole different logjam issue.

I'm playing the role of the optimist this spring.  I'm sick of just thinking the Mariners are going to stink.  Trust in Jack!  We have no idea how bad Figgins was hurting last year, so we can only hope that when he says he is healthy, that he actually is and that he can come back and create some havoc on the base paths. 

Lets just say he hits 275/350/390.  I'm ok with that.  Get on base and steal some bases.  Let Ackley do his thing and let's see if Ichiro can come through hitting in the 3 hole. 

I'm also optimistic about the rest of the lineup and I think we can be the Rays of a couple years ago or the Dbacks from last year. 
Figgins - Can he come back from injury and poor play and show he actually deserves what he being paid.
Ackley - A Full Season!
Ichiro - Comeback player of the year and RBI machine
Smoak - Another come back from injury.  The difference, he is young and no one knows his real potential
Montero - Someone that can hit!
Carp - Battle the Sophomore slump
Gutierrez - Another come back from injury.  But a totally different type of injury and yes, I'm buying into the hype.
Olivo/Jaso - A nice platoon and Olivo is relied on to be the whole offense.
Ryan - A little concern here with the injury, but he is hitting 9th.  Just play good defense and hit .260.

First Intra-squad game tomorrow!  Hultzen, Walker, Paxton and Ramirez - WOW

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