Friday, January 13, 2012

Young Impact Hitter???

According to Jerry Crasnick of, the Mariners are close to a trade for a "young impact hitter."

I'm already tired of the "According to Jerry Crasnick" updates, but if there actually is a trade brewing I would love to know who this hitter is.

You know who I would love.... Billy Butler.  We don't need him to field and even though he is a right handed hitter, he is more in the mold of Edgar.  Which is the type of RH that works in Safeco.  But he does ground into way too many double plays!  I'm just not sure why KC would be interested in trading him.  They do have a logjam in the infield.  Hosmer at 1B, Moustakas at 3B and Clint Robinson ready to be promoted. 

So what package could the Mariners put together that would interest the prospect rich Royals?

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