Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game 2

Phillies Win!  Lee pitches great, Ibanez hits well.  A nice win.  One problem - Victorino hurts his calf and no it had nothing to do with running into Francisco, so stop blowing that up.

The question is if this lingers and Shane hits the DL, who replaces him on the roster.  There are not a lot of OF options on the 40 man roster that I can see.  I like Mayberry getting a chance to play in CF and keep Francisco in RF.  My thought is maybe a Barfield or D. Young to be brought up to be a bench guy who can pinch hit and play the field if necessary.  I'm not sure, I'm still looking into it a little bit.

Mariners - They pulled ahead here in the 9th.  Thanks to our old friend Mr. Fuentes and some more poor fielding by the A's.
Liked - The way Chone drove that Sac Fly to deep center.
Disliked - Chris Ray!!  He was horrible, they were drilling the ball of him and he just kept throwing that 4 seamer at 92-94 MPH.  guess what, major league hitters can hit a straight ball that goes 93!

League in the 9th - His change up and splitter looked nice.

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