Friday, April 1, 2011

1st Game - End of the First


I like the approach of the m's in their first inning.  They were working the count and making Cahill pitch a little bit.  Unfortunately, Figgins and Bradley sat down with their bats on their shoulders.

Felix! - He started a little wild, with his first 3 pitches being balls and then just left one out over the middle of the plate for the HR.  I assume that will make him pretty angry.

Time to come from behind!

2ND INNING - Pretty Boring, except Felix striking out the last batter.

3RD INNING - More Patience! I love it.  Double steal by Ichiro/Figgins.  A nice walk by Bradley, but someone needs to swing the bat.  Drive the ball somewhere.  Cust....Walks and in comes Ichiro.  I'm not sure what type of omen that sets for the rest of the season.  Smoak - Here is a guy that will swing.  He swings at 6 of the first 9 pitches he sees this game and then watches two strikes go by to strike out???
Oh, I forgot to mention, the pitching coach from the A's runs funny!

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