Monday, November 7, 2011

AFL Rising Stars Game - Franklin Shines!

For fans of future Mariners, this was a pretty exciting game.  We had our 2011 #1 draft pick, Danny Hultzen, starting the game and we had our 2009 #1 draft pick, Nick Franklin, starting at SS.  Hultzen looked in control and was around the plate in his short 2 inning outing.  Franklin looked great at the plate and showed a very good approach.  Franklin ends up as MVP in this game with his 4 hit night (2 2B, HR and 4 RBI).  Here is a breakdown of the Hultzen and Franklin's night.  Disclosure: I'm not a scout and have only looked at the tape once, so I can't say my pitch recognition is perfect.

1st Inning
Grossman (RH)
FB - Ball
CH - Strike 88 MPH
FB - Strike (Foul) 90 MPH
Curve - Strike (K) 81 MPH

M. Trout (RH)
FB - Strike 96 MPH
CH -Strike 88 MPH
Curve? - Ball 83 MPH
Curve? - Strike (K) 83 MPH

Junior Lake (RH)
FB - Ball 91 MPH
FB - Strike (Foul) 91MPH
Curve - Ball 81 MPH
FB - Ball 95 MPH
FB - Strike (Foul) 91 MPH
FB - Strike (K) 95 MPH

2nd Inning
Arenado (RH)
FB - Strike (Foul) 92 MPH
FB - Strike 94 MPH
Curve - Strike (Ground out) 81 MPH

B. Harper (LH)
FB - Ball 93 MPH
FB - Strike 93 MPH
FB - Ball 93 MPH
FB - Ball 93 MPH
FB  - Ball (Walk) 94 MPH

Norris (RH)
FB - Ball 92 MPH
FB - Strike (Fly Out) 92 MPH

Curve - Strike (Ground Out) 79 MPH

Franklin' Night
1st AB - RHP (Gerrit Cole)
Homer to Left Center (95 MPH, FB, Low and In)

2nd AB - RHP
92 MPH, FB, Low and Outside, Ball
84 MPH, CH, Low and In, Ball
93 MPH, FB, Low, Strike
85 MPH, CH, In, Double to Right

3rd AB - RHP
92 MPH, FB, In, Double to Left (Down the line)

4th AB - LHP
FB, Outside, Ball
FB, Outside, Swinging Strike
FB, High and Outside, Ball
FB, Low and Outside, Strike (Foul)
SL, Inside and Low, Ball
94 MPH, FB/Slider, Low and Outside, Infield Broken Bat Single

5th AB - RHP
88 MPH, Curve/Splitter, Low and In, Ball
92 MPH, FB, Belt High, Strike (Swinging)
91 MPH, FB, Outside, Strike (Foul)
96 MPH, FB, Low and In, Ball
84 MPH, Splitter, Low (Bounce), Ball
95 MPH, FB, At the knees, Strike (Foul)
96 MPH, FB, Low and Outside, Strike (Foul)
94 MPH, FB, Outside, Strike (Foul)
87 MPH, CH, Low and Outside, Fly Out to Center

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