Thursday, March 31, 2011


C - Olivo
1B - Smoak
2B - Jack Wilson
3B - Figgins
SS - B. Ryan
LF  - Bradley
CF - Saunders/Langerhans
RF - Suzuki
DH - Cust

SP - F. Hernandez
SP - Vargas
SP - Bedard
SP - Fister
SP - Pineda

Concerns - Many!!!
Injuries - When will Guti be back?  Can Bedard stay healthy?
Youth - Are the holes in Smoak's swing being blown out of proportion?  Can Saunders finally start to show something with his new stance?  Will Pineda be dominant?  Our we expecting too much?  When does Ackley get here?  I'm so impatient.


C - Ruiz
1B - Howard
2B - W. Valdez
3B - Polanco
SS - Rollins
LF  - Ibanez
CF - Victorino
RF - Francisco

SP - Halladay
SP - Lee
SP - Oswalt
SP - Hamels
SP - Blanton

Injuries - Utley, Brown - When will Utley be back? I agree with keeping M. Martinez, but I think Barfield should be the starter at 2nd and Valdez should be the utility player.  Sorry Petey.
Youth - Brown - Is Brown major league ready?  What if Francisco plays well?
Age - This team has a lot of players on the other side of 30.  I'm not concerned right now, but I may be in 2013.  And just FYI, I have no concerns about Ibanez and I hate Ibanez haters. 

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